Barbara AllenBARBARA ALLEN EDITING WORKSHOP brings to our clients 28+ years of editorial experience. Copyediting, proofreading, content editing, and graphic design are the primary services we offer to authors. An essential element of our work is building valued relationships with our clients.


  • I work with authors engaged in scientific, medical, and biomedical research to attain clarity, accuracy, and simplicity in their writing and to prepare manuscripts for publication according to the required journal or publishing house style.
  • I work with authors who need assistance with content editing and development of their projects, keeping in mind at all times respect for the author’s voice. It is of utmost importance to me that the flavor and color of any author’s words and style be respected and changed only to promote clarity, consistency, accuracy, and publishing requirements.
  • I work with institutions, organizations, and social initiatives to edit and prepare text for publication both online and in print. (Visit my section on social concerns.) These clients may be creating content for internal use or public information, which may take form as print material or online text. I enjoy desktop publishing and can work with clients to achieve low-cost solutions to their publication needs.
  • I work with individuals or organizations that require graphic design assistance. For those clients who are looking for exceptional design work for their project, we have an award-winning designer who can assist them with a variety of needs.

Copyediting and, when needed, content editing are aspects of the collaborative process designed to create the best possible work. These processes represent an integral part of the creative, artistic undertaking of the writer. It is my belief that the artistry of the writer should be complemented by the lightest possible wordsmithing touch of the copyeditor.

When I receive projects from clients, my efforts are focused on producing a manuscript that both the author and I can be proud to submit for print or electronic publication or to post online. My editing workshop supports authors as together we transform their work into a manuscript or design project that meets their highest expectations as well as the requirements of their publisher.

For a detailed description of the editorial and graphic design services offered by BAEW, visit the services page.


Who do I serve? My intention is to support authors working in the following areas:

  • medical, scientific, biomedical research
  • education, the arts, athletics in schools
  • social concerns represented by initiatives that support sustainability related to food, agriculture, healthcare, and the environment


I listen carefully to my clients and then provide services that they want and need. Listening is one of the most important steps in my work with authors.

defining goals

After listening to a client’s requests and needs, we work together to define the level of editing that is required. That may include content editing, some rewriting, extensive copyediting, or perhaps only light copyediting. When graphic design services are needed, we clearly envision and describe the scope of the work.

pro bono work

I offer pro bono services to qualified local initiatives. Please contact me for further information.


professional memberships

Editorial Freelancers Association

American Medical Writers Association

Council of Science Editors

Bay Area Editors’ Forum

what stands behind my work?

If we are fortunate in our life, we are passionate about our work. I have the good fortune of working with authors in the editing workshop whose work I value for a variety of reasons.

Scientific and biomedical researchers strive to support advancements in their areas of specialty. I support the communication of their research, innovations, and discoveries, which we hope some day will improve mankind’s condition. The editorial work that I do is a small contribution to their much larger efforts.

Small initiatives that serve local communities often have a large impact. The editing workshop supports initiatives in the arts and in areas of social concern related to sustainability, work I have supported in a variety of ways throughout my life. I am committed to working with community-oriented projects supporting innovative ideas, especially in the following areas: healthcare, food quality and distribution, agricultural practices, stewardship of the environment, and art programs for children in underserved educational environments.

Most of us agree that the education of our children should be one of our highest priorities. We need more strong voices to speak out about supporting teachers and educating children in a holistic manner. My workshop continues to support communication efforts of authors, teachers, and organizations involved in this renaissance in education.

Alice in Wonderland

sets designed and built by high school students for their Alice in Wonderland production

An integral part of educating the whole child is strong support for the arts in schools. We cannot hope to prepare our children to become the future innovators of our society and culture without nurturing their creativity through the arts.

Athletics for young people should continue to be an essential part of the educational experience because of the unique ways in which sports teams enrich child development. These include: strengthening the ideals of teamwork, nurturing developmentally appropriate practices that promote good health, and instilling social concern for others through good sportsmanship. Healthy athletic experiences in our educational environments are grounded in these ideals, not in winning or showmanship for individual athletes.