My editing workshop offers five services to assist authors in publishing their manuscripts and to help clients with their graphic design needs.


Copyediting services range from light to extensive work, depending on the client’s needs.

  • Thorough copyediting of a manuscript prior to submission to the publisher is an excellent strategy and will in all likelihood improve the chances of publication.
  • I have often worked directly with publishers to polish manuscripts prior to printing.
  • ESL services: If English is not the author’s first language, copyediting assistance can provide an invaluable service if the goal is to publish in U.S. journals.
What’s involved?
  • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Improving organization and cohesiveness of the work
  • Achieving the highest level of clarity and accuracy possible
  • Fact checking
  • Pointing out legal issues involving trademarks, copyright concerns, and possible plagiarism


The task of proofreading is usually the last review before sending the manuscript to the printer.

  • The goal is to catch any errors missed during copyediting or introduced during typographic production.
  • A pass through the hands of a proofreader can also improve a manuscript before it is ever submitted, for example, if English is not the author’s first language. ESL assistance is one of my specialities. (Please see my publications page, which lists the many authors with whom I have worked whose first language was not English.)

content editing

Content editing assists the author with the development of his or her work and includes a deeper involvement and relationship with the author’s progress. After reviewing the entire manuscript, recommendations are made concerning organization, consistency, clarity, factual errors, contradictions, etc.

In this process, I work step-by-step with the author making suggestions for changes throughout the project.


With an outline, basic ideas and concepts, and a description of the audience to be reached, I will work with a client to create a manuscript that will accomplish the specific goals set forward. Sometimes this may simply involve helping the author get started.

This can be a helpful service for organizations, institutions, and initiatives that are preparing documents for public information, internal use, or online text.

graphic design and publishing

BAEW offers graphic design and book publishing services provided by an award-winning designer who is based in New York City. A variety of graphic design services are offered to our clients.

  • book design and layout work
  • website design
  • portfolio design / layouts
  • pamphlets, business cards, letterhead, etc.
  • logo design
  • cover design


Services provided by BAEW rely on a myriad of professional resources and tools for copyeditors and graphic designers.  Listed below are examples of resources we use.

style guides for:

  • scientific (peer-reviewed) journals
  • publishing houses

style manuals, such as:

  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • The Associated Press Stylebook
  • AMA Manual of Style
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

references for copyeditors and writers

  • Words into Type
  • The Copyeditor’s Handbook
  • The McGraw-Hill Desk Reference for Editors, Writers, and Proofreaders
  • The Elements of Style

electronic editing and design tools

  • Word and Powerpoint
  • InDesign (desktop publishing)
  • Acrobat Pro (pdf editing)
  • Illustrator
  • AutoCAD and 3d modeling and visualization