Today in my professional work I endeavor to support ideals that I have valued throughout my life. I look forward to working with authors and organizations that share my concerns in the following areas:

  • food quality and distribution
  • sustainable agricultural practices
  • healthcare
  • education and the arts
  • the environment

My workshop offers a full range of editorial assistance and graphic design services (described on the services page) to those working in these and related areas.

food culturefood quality and distribution

  • farmers markets and community supported agriculture
  • organic and biodynamic products
  • supporting farmers locally
  • healthy food in schools
  • food culture (connections with family, friends, and community)

sustainable agricultural practices

  • biodynamic and organic farming
  • small farms vs agribusiness
  • educational programs that connect children with small farms


  • community health clinics with free or low-cost services (expansion of these efforts to serve more people)
  • affordable healthcare
  • as an example, San Francisco has an excellent network of healthcare clinics for the uninsured with primary focus toward the homeless and the poor (today's economic challenges require broadening this scope as the jobless lose their health insurance)

saving the San Francisco Bay Estuarythe environment

  • sustainable practices that support stewardship of the environment
  • restoration of the San Francisco Bay estuary
  • wetland restoration
  • efforts to maintain or restore clean water
  • efforts that support the use of clean energy

the arts

  • initiatives and work that recognize the essential role of the arts in education (supporting the developmental needs of the whole child)
  • local initiatives providing after-school and summer programs in the arts for children; meeting needs when schools are not offering opportunities in the arts
  • local initiatives that support art in their community


Education is arguably our most needy social concern. Nothing short of a renaissance in education is required in the United States to put our system on the right track. Initiatives around the country are making progress, but it's time to re-think and re-envision how we support teachers in a way that supports success for all of our children throughout the country. Then we need to implement policies that achieve this kind of support.

I encourage you to read the post by Linda Darling-Hammond, U.S. vs highest-achieving nations in education (Valerie Strauss' column, The Washington Post). This post reports on the International Summit on Teaching that took place in New York City in March, 2011, and it describes how the support of teachers in the US stands in stark opposition to the support mandated in the highest achieving countries.

A friend and master teacher recently commented about this article: "The US gets a look at international education, where teachers are supported through school, paid well to teach, and teacher unions help make policy... resulting in success for everyone, most of all... children!"

…social and ecological impact

Enterprises of great interest to the Bay Area region that we recommend to you:


, a new initiative striving to become an online agriculture knowledgebase and community, is designed to connect farmers, gardeners, and consumers. Their concept is to provide a community driven knowledgebase, and to this end they are developing WikiGrow. LocalGrow is currently in development, so if you would like to learn more or get involved, contact them through their website.

Rudolf Steiner Foundation Social Finance

RSF Social Finance is at the cutting edge of redefining how we relate to and use money. Their purpose: "To transform the way the world works with money." They offer investing, lending and giving opportunities that have a worldwide impact. RSF Social Finance supports many initiatives throughout the United States, but also supports work in South America, Europe, Africa, China and India. Visit their website to learn about new ways to think about money.


Live Power Community Farm

LPCF is one of the original community supported agriculture (CSA) initiatives. Horsepower, in the literal sense, is utilized on this biodynamic farm along with solar energy. They offer vegetable shares to subscribers in their local community in Mendocino County, California, and extend their partnership to members in the San Francisco Bay Area. LPCF provides an educational program for young school children and apprenticeships for young adults interested in biodynamic farming.


Pie Ranch

Located near Pescadero, California, Pie Ranch manages educational programs for high school students from San Francisco and surrounding communities. They are a working farm and sell their produce to their local community and offer apprenticeships and internships.


Hidden Villa


Hidden Villa is a 1600-acre biodynamic farm and wilderness area that offers numerous programs, serving over 30,000 people each year, focusing on the environment and social justice. A few of the many programs offered are: environmental education programs, summer camps, community supported agriculture, and animal husbandry education. They operate a hostel, which is well suited to their educational programs for children, and they sponsor a resident internship program.